Consulting Services

A proverb states, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Many organizations delay too long before seeking outside help.  Serious problems and more deeply entrenched conflict could be avoided, by seeking counsel sooner-rather-than-later.


Three Cord’s consultants bring extensive experience to bear on your situation. Years of personal leadership experience and years of consulting experience give them the perspective and history from which they can share helpful perspectives, creative ideas, proven examples and helpful networks. They typically work in one, two and three-day consultations working with staff, boards and volunteer leaders.

Scheduling and Time Required

If it is not immediately clear just how a consultant from Three Cords might help your organization or ministry, just give us a call.  There is no charge for the first session.  Together, we can discover what will be required and helpful.  If you know the area of consulting or coaching that you need, find the estimate of time required on the specific page of this website:  Survey & AssessmentStrategic Ministry Planning ~ Relational Coaching.

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