SAMPLE: Interim-Pastor Agreement

This suggested format attempts to outline the areas where clear, written understandings are essential.  It is suggested that the local church adapt the form to its own preference, and when signed, keep one copy in the Church Office files.  If anything is not clear, please call Mike Huber, at Three Cords Consulting – 303/638-4550.

The_________ church of __________ hereby extends the call to serve as INTERIM MINISTER to __________________________.  This letter will serve to confirm our previous conversations.

I.        Interim Period.  This arrangement shall begin __________________________ and continue until __________________________ with option to extend beyond that date if mutually agreeable.

II.       Interim Functions.  The INTERIM MINISTER shall be expected to perform these specific functions:  (list all specific functions)

III.       Interim Compensation. Compensation for the interim ministry shall be:

$________________ salary

$________________ housing allowance

$________________ travel expenses

$________________ other.  This amount will be paid on ________________.

IV.      Miscellaneous. The INTERIM MINISTER will work closely with and be accountable to the _______________________ (insert board, committee, or group)

The INTERIM MINISTER and the congregation understand and agree that the INTERIM MINISTER shall not be considered as a candidate for the permanent pastoral position.


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~ 11.02.03