“Income” Expansion


Vision for the future and development of services often exceed availability of financial resources.  The provision of “easy” income from loyal members and contributors shrinks as the “Builder” Generation dwindles. Three Cords’s consultants can help you in communicating vision effectively to donors of all ages.  You will capture the hearts of your constituents.  Financial resources will grow to match your vision.

Three Cords stewardship services include:

• Capital Campaigns
• Feasibility Studies
• Campaign Architecture
• Training and Coaching of Campaign Leaders

Three Cords helps you create new income:

• Broadening Your Donor Base – Tapping into your reservoir of non-givers
• Growing People in Generosity – Developing a system that increases financial and volunteer participation.

Donor development and generosity training can be effective without being intrusive or objectionable.  It can be approached in a sensitive and considerate way.  Ideally, growth in generosity will go with growth as a person.

~ 15.01.31