Testimonials for ThreeCords ~ Coaching

Mike has played a significant role in my life as a pastor.  He has challenged me and encouraged me at crucial points in my ministry.  He provided for me one of the timeliest insights I have ever heard.  The dose of reality Mike provided was all I needed to respond with courage. ~ JP, Senior Pastor

Mike Huber has been a great help to me as an advisor and consultant regarding my personal direction as a Senior Pastor.  He has given me solid advice related to church matters, family matters and stressful situations. ~ AM, Pastor

Mike has been an inspiration, a strong leader and an encouragement to me.  I have rarely experienced the kind of consistent, authentic words of affirmation that he thoughtfully gives to me in my work of counseling.  Mike is a true motivator and a great coach. ~ CS, Licensed Family Therapist

Mike helped me to identify the biblical perspective in seeking solutions to difficult problems.  Further, he encouraged me to follow thru on applying this perspective.  Mike took me places where I did not want to go.  Despite my heel dragging, he continued to move me forward in working thru areas of weakness. ~ FD, Pastor

His years of ministry experience are evident as he coaches, guides, leads and mentors Christian leaders through the challenges of Christian ministry.  I consider Mike the perfect person to come along side church leaders. ~ TP, Church Member, Parker, CO

Mike has been a coach, counselor, mentor and/or friend to many, many pastors.  As a former pastor himself, Mike knows the challenges we ministers face.  Mike is Biblical, competent, respectful of others and professional in all that he does.  Mike has been a confidant, counselor, and friend to me, especially at times when I have needed advice and support. ~ JS, Senior Pastor

His coaching and advice have been very instrumental in helping me make key decisions for my spiritual life, my Mission and my business.  Mike has the wisdom of life.  He knows how to apply wisdom in a practical way.  He knows how to convert a vision into reality. He is one of the best encouragers I have ever known.  He is an invaluable coach, consultant and spiritual mentor. ~ SG, Christian Businessman

I seek his wisdom and counsel as I confront obstacles in my personal life and in the ministry.  I value his counsel very much as it has always helped me to gain perspective of the situation that otherwise was overwhelming. ~ JF, Missionary

Mike is a person I have always been able to go to for counsel in troubling times or when I was uncertain of my next steps. ~ RA, Pastor

I cannot think of anyone who has been more influential in my personal and spiritual development as a leader and as a church planter.  When I entered ministry I was young and inexperienced, and Mike came alongside of me and gave me the encouragement and confidence to help me grow and develop my skills as a church planter, a pastor and a leader. ~ DN, Missionary

It was through his compassionate, yet grounded guidance that my wife and I were able to navigate some very trying times and simultaneously deepen our faith.  Mike’s “nothing shocks me” approach combined with his very non-judgmental spirit made it easy for us to open up our lives for him.  Our relationship with the Lord and our relationship with each other have been encouraged and strengthened through Mike’s counsel.  He delivers mentoring in a powerful way with, not only a solid biblical foundation, but also God-driven, practical assistance. ~ C & D U, Church Members

He is especially strong at working with Pastors or leaders.  On a personal-coach level, Mike encouraged me to grow in leadership skills and encouraged me to move beyond my comfort level and increase skills in ministry.  Mike is a man of integrity.  He speaks with honesty, even when it is not popular to do so. ~ RB, Dir. Women’s Ministry

Mike will challenge pastors and church leaders toward a more intentional and directive style of leadership.  Through Mike I learned to clarify my strengths and weaknesses and improve my leadership skills in order to serve the church better. ~ RRB, Pastor

His support and provocative questions helped us sort through our turmoil and move toward resolution and healing.  He asked probing questions and not quick solutions to help us deal with our issues and relationships.  He led us through the recognition of our baggage without condemnation and affirmed our steps toward growth and victory. ~ DB, Pastor

Mike has been a friend, my coach, advisor and mentor.  He was enthusiastic about what God was calling us to do and advised us on how to approach the task, what to be aware of, and encouraged us to trust in God.  He was extremely helpful in providing me with tools and resources for personal growth and gift assessment to help me grow as a person.  Mike Huber’s investment and partnership was crucial to the success of our ministry. ~ JD, Missionary

Mike encouraged and empowered me until I had the confidence in myself to respond to God’s calling on my life.  I was able to develop my leadership skills and gain the confidence needed to succeed as a church planter.  I thank God for Mike Huber, for seeing in me what I could not see and for enabling me to believe that, God could use me to change our world. ~ RR, Pastor & Church Planter

A list of references, with contact information, is available upon request.

~ 11.02.03