Relational Coaching

Fundamentally, Coaching works for one reason:  because the person being coached wants it to work.  So coaching is first and foremost about the desire and willingness of the client.  The number-one prerequisite for a successful coaching experience is the deep conviction that “something needs to change.”  The role of coaching is to help process and facilitate appropriate outcomes from that desire for change – that is, to result in growth and fruitfulness.


How many self-help, motivational, or ministry books have you read?  How many seminars have you attended? At what cost in dollars?  At what cost in your time?  And how much do you remember?  More importantly, how much did you implement?

What is the cost of not reaching your personal or ministry goals? What is the cost to your energy level, health, over-all effectiveness, and relationships of not doing what you want to be doing, or of being ineffective?  What is the cost of taking a way-too-long to reach your goals because of insufficient focus, inconsistent commitment, and little accountability?

Perhaps it’s time to get the help of an experienced, caring and insightful coach.

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~ 11.01.05