Strategic Ministry Plan

Intentional Strategic Planning

Do you ever wonder where you are going or how to get there? Worse yet, do you find your staff and people wondering where you are going and how you will get there?

Intentional Strategic Planning is a process that brings focus. The process and plan will unite leaders, enabling them to articulate a clear, concise, and compelling direction for the work.

The Intentional Strategic Planning process often includes assessment and will enable you to clarify your core beliefs, core values, mission and vision goals. You will identify your constituents and establish objectives for each constituent group.

The Intentional Plan includes an Annual Action Plan that clearly establishes measurable goals and enumerates the specific strategies, activities, programs and services to accomplish these goals.  Conceivably, the Annual Action Plan could be revised year-by-year while the Core Beliefs, Core Values, and Vision Goals might only need minor “tweaking.”

Scheduling and Time Required

The Intentional Strategic Planning process (separate from the Survey & Assessment), typically takes a couple weekends (typically Friday evening through Saturday afternoon), over a period of several months. Participants for the final weekend will include “anyone who is involved in any area of personal work or service.”

~ 15.01.31