Testimonials for ThreeCords ~ Pastoral Search Teams

Our pastoral search team found Dr. Huber to be very helpful in giving us structure, tools and guidance for our process.  He led us in an in-depth evaluation and discovery process of determining whom we are and where we want to go as an organization.  Additionally, he introduced us to excellent tools and trained us to be efficient and comprehensive.  His insights and guidance were very valuable to our success.  He demonstrated great balance and sensitivity in listening to our desires and coaching us in the methods to reach our goals.  Utilizing Mike’s coaching and tools; we reached our goal and enjoyed the process. ~ K. M., Search Team Chairman, Wyoming

I attribute both the easy transition (to our new pastor) and the continued excitement in the church to the process and guidance ThreeCords Consulting provided.  Looking back, I can see that even those components that seemed small and inconsequential then, have now paid great dividends. As Mike indicated to our pastoral search team, “this process will be a discovery of God’s man for us.”  The guidance and work Mike lead us through gave us the tools and a unified approach to confidently recognize when God laid our new pastor before us. This was evidenced by the unanimous, overwhelming vote of the search committee and congregation. I cannot thank the Lord enough for the faithful, long-suffering service of ThreeCords Consulting to our church and Mike’s ability to quietly give us clarity. ~ N. L., Pastoral Search Team Chairman, Colorado

A list of references, with contact information, is available upon request.

~ 11.02.03