Testimonials for ThreeCords ~ Consulting Services

Mike knows how healthy churches are to function.  He has tools to help a church implement plans to become healthier and to grow.  He is a consultant for both thriving and struggling churches of various sizes.  He is Biblical, competent, respectful of others and professional in all that he does.  I recommend ThreeCords Consulting as a church consultant to any church who would like to get healthier and have a more productive, Christ-honoring ministry.  Mike will also help thriving churches move to the next level.   ~ JS, Senior Pastor, Lakewood, CO

Mike’s passion for Christ, his bias toward action and his ability to see the big picture were the exact qualities we needed for the assessment.  Mike’s frank recommendations helped us and his engaged presence encouraged our leadership.   ~ RH, Missions Board Chair, Lancaster, PA

Mike quickly analyzes situations, suggests the right course of action and rallies unity around a plan.  He is biblically solid  and his character and straightforwardness will enable you to trust him completely. ~ RS, Denominational Exec., MI

Because of Mike’s Assessment Process, our church grew from an inward, survival mindset to an outward, ministry mindset; the worship style was transformed; the friendliness and care-giving of the congregation increased; general health of the congregation improved and giving increased.   ~ GG, Pastor, Thornton, CO

In ThreeCords Consulting, I found those who share my love and passion for the church and a desire to support leaders to serve the church.  Mike’s strengths lie in his experience with the church and his gifts of discernment, communication and administration.  He has the ability to take difficult and sometimes confusing situations and break them down in order to bring clarity and to identify the root causes.  He then speaks the truth in love in helping determine the proper course of action. ~ DN, Missionary & Church Planter

Mike is a ministry “surgeon.”  He makes incisive diagnosis and decisions that bring help, hope and healing to those he serves.   ~ HPH, Denominational Exec., IA

I was impressed with Mike’s wisdom and experience as well as his concern for the lives of all those who were involved.  The situation and the circumstances were difficult and it took an experienced, caring advisor to steer the “ship” through such turbulent waters.  He provided direction and encouragement while at the same time allowing us to be a unique and diverse group of believers.  Without his counsel and unwavering commitment to God’s word, the damage that had been done to our church would have been irreversible. ~ BF, Church Member, WY

Mike has the ability to analyze ministry systems with laser-like precision and provide a prescription to become a healthier organization.  I recommend him, as a servant of God and a qualified resource person in areas of local church ministry, church growth, team building, placement, and the assessment process.   ~ DR, Denominational Exec., San José

He communicates clearly, with a warm, relational style and is able to discern the culture of a church or organization quickly.  He is expert in guiding “group think” situations, able to record information, clarify findings and direct process toward a favorable outcome. ~ HL, Denominational Executive

Mike has a deeply held conviction that the church is the best structure for well-rounded disciple making.  His commitments to church planting and revitalization have at their root a passion for developing fully maturing followers of Christ.  Whether large (ministry) or small, Mike is able to provide insights into the state of a church and make key recommendations that promote further growth through intentional and carefully planned change with minimal resistance.   ~ RRB, Pastor, Parker, CO

Mike’s insightful leadership and systematic thinking help churches structure their ministry so they can accomplish their goals.  He will bring a vast reservoir of experience to any consulting situation.  I recommend Three Cords Consulting if you are interested in a thoughtful and insightful look at your ministry. ~ RA, Pastor, Westminster, CO

A list of references, with contact information, is available upon request.

~ 11.02.03