Job Description (draft)

Job Description

First Church – West Overcoat, WY

Transitional-Interim Pastor

I. Role: The Transitional Pastor shall serve as the chief under-shepherd and overseer for First Church, West Overcoat, WY.  His primary role shall be to feed, nurture and lead the church.  It is recognized that many of his responsibilities may be delegated to others as he helps them to develop their giftedness and grow as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.
II. Requirements

Education – advanced degrees (M. Div. / D. Min.) in Bible & Pastoral Leadership.


Maintain regular and disciplined personal worship, Bible study and prayer.

Exemplify the Scriptural qualifications of an Elder. (1 Timothy 3 & Titus

Evangelism – Consistent, courageous, fruitful practice of sharing the Gospel.

Etc. etc.  – for full description, see below…

Example of both being a Christ-like disciple and developing Disciples of Christ.
He will demonstrate a high level of effectiveness in preaching & teaching as well as a passion for equipping the saints for personal ministry and influencing the community for Christ.
Possess a team spirit, modeling the ability to relate well with co-workers and volunteers and demonstrating skills in problem solving.
Etc. etc.  – for full description, see below…

III. Responsibilities

To lead in the ministry of this Church and motivate others in personal ministry.

To plan and lead inspiring worship services, spending significant time in preparation (Bible Study and prayer).

To preserve and promote the unity of the Body through oversight of church discipline and resolution of conflict in the church, always seeking to be an instrument of reconciliation between offended persons.

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IV. Relationships (Accountable to and Responsible for)

He and the Elders shall be accountable to God, through the Congregation, and to each other for mutually agreed-upon outcomes of ministry.

He will report, both verbally and in writing, to the Elders at each regular meeting.

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V. Remuneration

Time Commitment:  50+ hours per week and being on-call for emergencies.

Salary & Housing Allowance: as per the Transitional Pastor Contract.

Etc. etc.  – for full description, see below…

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~ 11.02.03