Surveying & Assessment

Conventional Wisdom says, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you!”  However, as Wikipedia reminds us:  “Conventional wisdom is not necessarily true.”[1]

The fact is…

What you don’t know can hurt you!

For example… do you know…
• If you are offering what your members, clients, or parishioners want and need?
• What they think of your quality of service?
• What they see and know, that you need know, to better serve them?
• What they would like from you that you do not already offer?

Three Cords can administer an organization-wide survey, enabling you to learn what you need to know.


The Assessment process generates a “freeze-frame picture” of your organization’s current state.  What are your strengths? Where do you need to see change or improvement? How complete is understanding your people have of your church’s mission and vision? Assessment can answer these and other vital questions.

Assessment begins with listening, through focus groups, interviews and survey results. Your Three Cords Consultants will analyze data, bring a report that underscores significant information, affirms positive strengths, and make strategic recommendations for change.

Scheduling and Time Required

The preparation time or lead time required for an Assessment is from three weeks to two months.  During this time your people will gather necessary information from written records and collective memory that will provide the background and historical context for the actually assessment.  The on-site time required for the assessment is one, extended weekend (generally from Friday through Monday).  Of course, this proposed schedule can be modified as each case requires.

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