When should we call on outside help?

Many churches and church leaders believe there is nothing that “Jesus and Me, together, can’t handle.”

Like all living organisms, churches have a normal life cycle.  They are conceived, birthed, develop, mature, sometimes reproduce, and then grow old and die.  The normal life cycle of a church is between 40 and 70 years.  However, unlike most living organisms, a church’s life cycle can be regenerated ~ started over.

As the involvement by people and energizing vision is replaced by complacency, organizational structure, and programs, a church gains momentum on the downward slope toward institutionalization and death.  This natural evolution is normal for each and every church.  Like disease in any living organism, if recognized early enough and addressed, the decline need not be fatal.

An assessment of health and effectiveness can identify the degree and the causes of decline in a church.  However, just as most of us put off a visit to the Doctor, most church leaders put off calling-in an outside consultant… until it is too late to turn things around.

Don’t wait too long!  Contact ThreeCords Consulting today for a free initial consultation about how we might be able to serve you and the church you serve.

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